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Nordic Trademarks is operated by the Danish law firm Otello.

Otello Law Firm was founded in 2000. We have offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Herning. We serve clients throughout Europe and globally.

From the beginning, it has been our goal and first priority to provide exceptional IP services to clients all over the world.

Today, we are one of the leading intellectual property law firms in Denmark. We use an innovative and proactive approach when working with our clients to develop effective brand protection strategies to stop counterfeit goods and IP theft. We coordinate and manage the filing and registration of designs, patents, trademarks for successful IP enforcement actions. We prosecute and litigate IP matters around the world, assisting clients in protecting their intellectual property rights from infringement, counterfeiting, and unfair competition.

We have a passion for innovation and try to do things a little different than traditional law firms. That is why we launched Nordic Trademarks.


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