Filing a trademark application involves a series of steps.

1. Research and Choose a Strong Mark

Select a unique and distinctive trademark that is unlikely to be confused with existing trademarks.

Conduct a thorough trademark search to check for existing marks that might conflict with your chosen mark.

You can use our online databases or consult with our trademark attorneys.

2. Identify Goods and Services

Clearly define the goods and services that your trademark will cover. The trademark application is filed in specific classes that correspond to the type of products or services your mark will be used with.

3. Select Jurisdiction

Determine where you want to file your trademark application. Trademarks are typically registered on a country-by-country basis.

4. Order online

Complete the information in the order form. This requires details about your mark, your business, the goods/services, and more.

Provide a clear representation of your trademark. This could be a logo, word mark, or a combination of both.

6. Submit your order

Submit your order along with the required fees and we will process your trademark application.

7. Application Review

The trademark office will review your application for completeness and compliance with their requirements. They may also conduct a preliminary search for conflicting marks.

8. Publication and Opposition

In most jurisdictions, your trademark application will be published in an official gazette or on a public database. This allows others to oppose the registration if they believe it conflicts with their existing rights.

9. Respond to Office Actions or Oppositions

If the trademark office or third parties raise objections or oppositions, you will need to respond adequately within the specified timeframe.

10. Registration

If there are no objections or oppositions, and your application meets all requirements, your trademark will be registered. You will receive a registration certificate, granting you exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with the specified goods/services.

11. Monitor and Renew

Once registered, regularly monitor for any unauthorized use of your trademark by third parties.

Trademarks usually require periodic renewal to maintain protection. Be aware of the renewal deadlines and follow the required renewal process.


Our Trademark Experts – Your Partners in the Process

Our dedicated team of trademark experts are ready to guide you through the entire application procedure.

We handle all administrative duties and paperwork to ensure the precision and completeness of your application.

We keep you updated on your application's status and assist in addressing any inquiries or complications that may arise.

By collaborating with us for your trademark registration, you take a pivotal stride toward safeguarding your business identity and laying a robust foundation for growth.


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