Applying for a trademark in Sweden through the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) involves several stages, from filing the application to potential oppositions and rejections. Here's a detailed breakdown of the process:

1. Preliminary Research
Before submitting a trademark application to PRV, it's recommended to conduct preliminary research to ensure your proposed trademark is unique and unlikely to conflict with existing trademarks. This can help you avoid potential issues during the application process.

2. Order Preparation
Prepare your trademark order, including the details of the applicant, a clear representation of the trademark (logo, word mark, etc.), a description of the goods/services the trademark will be used for, and the appropriate trademark classes based on the Nice Classification system.

3. Submit order
Submit your trademark order online. You'll need to provide all the required information and pay the application fees.

4. Formal Examination
PRV conducts a formal examination to ensure that the application is complete and meets the basic filing requirements. They check for accuracy, proper classification, and adherence to formalities. If there are any deficiencies, PRV will usually give you a chance to address them.

5. Examination for Absolute Grounds
During this stage, PRV examines the application to determine if it meets the criteria for registration based on absolute grounds. They assess factors such as distinctiveness, descriptiveness, and whether the trademark falls under any prohibited signs. If your trademark is found to be non-distinctive or descriptive, it might be rejected.

6. Publication
If your application passes the examination for absolute grounds, PRV will publish the trademark application in the Swedish Official Gazette. This allows third parties to review the application and raise objections if they believe the trademark conflicts with their existing rights.

7. Opposition Period
For a period of three months after publication, third parties have the opportunity to file oppositions against your trademark application. They can do this if they believe that your trademark infringes upon their existing rights. If an opposition is filed, both parties may engage in proceedings to resolve the dispute.

8. Examination for Relative Grounds
PRV also examines the application for relative grounds, which involves assessing whether the proposed trademark would infringe upon the rights of other trademark holders or other protected rights in Sweden, such as business names, creative works, and intellectual property.

9. Rejections and Appeals
If PRV finds any conflicts with existing trademarks or rights during the examination process, your trademark application may be rejected. You have the option to appeal the decision within a specified timeframe.

10. Registration and Certificate
If your trademark application successfully passes all examinations and no oppositions are filed or upheld, PRV will approve your application for registration. You will receive an official trademark registration certificate, granting you exclusive rights to use your trademark in Sweden.

11. Maintenance and Renewal
Registered trademarks in Sweden are initially valid for ten years. You'll need to renew your trademark registration by paying renewal fees to PRV. Renewals can be done every ten years to maintain your trademark protection.


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