How to apply for a trademark registration?

You can apply by completing our simple 7-step-process:

  1. Fill in your trademark
  2. Choose the country or region you want to protect your trademark in
  3. Choose the type of trademark you want to apply
  4. Choose the products and services that you will be using your trademark with
  5. Choose the level of service you want Nordic Trademarks to provide
  6. Fill in the required contact information about you
  7. Confirm and pay for your order

Nordic Trademarks will take care of the rest and keep you informed as the trademark application progresses.

How does the application process work?

After you have completed our 7-step-process, a trademark attorney reviews your order.

We prepare and file your trademark application and keep you informed about the progress of your trademark application. We notify you of publication and registration and send you the registration certificate. Finally, we notify you of priority deadlines for extending protection internationally and notify you of the deadline for renewing your trademark.

Are there any special requirements I should be aware of?

When applying for registration in Sweden, Norway and Finland, the trademark authorities make an assessment as to whether there are any older registered trademarks that may be an obstacle to the registration of the trademark you have applied for.

If the trademark is already registered to someone else, it may still be possible to get it registered if:

  • you use the trademark for other types of goods and services;
  • you get the consent of the holder of the registration;
  • the registered trademark is a combined trademark, i.e. logo with descriptive text, in which case it is not certain that the holder has protection for the text itself.

How long does the application process take?

The registration process normally takes about 4 - 7 months if no-one opposes it.


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